If you would like to help me with my goal, you can look around your house for any items you think could be valuable to someone else! Please contact me at or fill out the field below with a description of your items and we can arrange a time where I can get your donations. I will then refurbish, take photos, and post your item online. Once sold, I will deliver the item and contact you back letting you know that you made a huge difference! You’ll also get shouted out and recognition on this website! We can make a difference, so share this on all social media platforms so we can get the entire community involved!  

To donate to the cause, you can also use the PayPal button seen below, which will donate to the Hidden Treasures Fund that will immediately be transferred to the San Mateo County Strong Fund.


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T: 650-394-5412‬ / E:

Please fill out each field if you have any questions or comments, or include a description of your item, and I will get in contact with you as soon as I am able to! Thank you for helping us reach our goals!